Private sittings

The descpription already explains: in pricipal a sitting is private. One to one. 

This is to provide the necessary space and freedom to discuss things whilst maintaining your privacy. 

A private sitting could either be conducted as a mediumistic or psychic sitting (see description below). 

Usually a sitting is a comination of both.

Mediumistic sitting

During a mediumistic sitting a connection will be made with loved ones in spirit. This could be family, friends, acquaintances,co-workers etctera. 

By providing information of who they are, what their hobby's were, shared memories and such , they will make clear who it is that wishes to connect with you. They also will make known that they are very much aware of what is going on in your life and that our your loved ones here on earth. They are still participating in your life! 

This is their moment with you and your moment with them. 

The spirit world decide who will be there, in which order and what is to be discussed. The medium cannot call the spirits to them. 

Therfore it is recommended to keep an open mind as of whom from the spirit world would like to talk to you. 

Pyschic sitting

With a psychic you are the main subject and we will look at things such as:

  • Who you truly are
  • Where you have been
  • What could be holding you back
  • How to move forward
  • Your potential

In short, to let your soul speak to you. 

A medium is not a glass ball for fortune telling. A medium can sometimes see potential, but in the end it is your personal responsibilty to decide on your life's choices. 

Skype sitting

Skype sittings are available for those who live abroad, find the travel distance to far or are just not able to receive a sitting on site. 

The only difference between a skype sitting and a regular sitting it that it is via the computer and from the comfort of your own home. 

Costs for a private sitting:

30 min is Eur 65,-

45 min is Eur 80,-

60 min is Eur 95,- 

All sittings, other than via skype or on loaction abroad, are held in Vleuten, nearby Utrecht, The Netherlands.