From a young age Diana was aware of the Spirit World and also saw, felt, knew and dreamt things which could not be explained rationally. It was in 1990 that she found out the colors she saw were auric fields and energy, which from that moment on she started developing in a playful manner.

In 1999 Diana became acquainted with Reiki and was trained in this in the years following tot he master certification. She also started taking classes in psychometry, aura’s, chakra’s, meditation and energetic awareness.

It was in 2009 that her mediumship development truly took flight when she commenced a 3-year training at the Dutch Academy for Mediumship led by José Gosschalk and which Diana completed successfully.

She kept on following classes to further her development, many of which with Mavis Pittilla who took Diana under her wing. Diana followed Mavis’ 2 year Mentorship Programme as well as the 2 year Advanced Mentorship Programme.

The training with Mavis has immensly influenced her mediumship and spiritual understanding, which Diana tries to bring forth in her own work and teachings.

Her work for Spirit has led to working on Live TV for several years, to working in Scotland, England and Germany as well as being a manager for an online psychic platform. From small private demonstrations, to churches to large venues. Experience proves that there is no limitation to how, when and where the Spirit World can show their love and intelligence.

As a medium you build a brdige from heart to heart, soul to soul, world to world, between our world and the Spirit World.

Diana feels privileged to be a voice for the reunion of love. And thát is what it is: your loved ones in spirit are still people who wish nothing more than to speak to those they love. Just as much as we do.

As a medium it is important to not only provide evidence of survival beyond the physical death, but to also open your heart. Only with an open heart can the essence of love between world be felt.